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Since we started Thrive Fitness, we have promoted our pay-as-you-go style classes, however, over time, our regulars have been asking for a gym contract/membership option.  And, so we looked back at our original business model and came up with the reasons to incorporate membership packages too.


The concept of joining a subscription-style membership, in all industries, is not new.  Memberships encourage a coming together and team camaraderie of people believing in a unified cause or purpose.  A gym contract is no different.  Members join on a monthly basis, generally for the following reasons:

1. Accountability – when you know that you are paying for something on an ongoing, term-style basis, you feel more obliged to take part in the memberships services than if you were paying-as-you-go

2. Super Savings! – a pay-as-you-go option does have its benefits too (normally suitable for those who travel frequently and can’t commit to every month, have the discipline to attend regularly or aren’t ready to commit) however, if you’re ready to commit on a different level and make big savings, the contract option is much more cost-effective

3. A Sense of Community – especially in Hout Bay, the concept of joining friends, neighbours and family members at a close-by venue, has been a great benefit – a place to catch up, encourage and make new friends

And, at Thrive Fitness Hout Bay, we have added in a special plus for contracted members:

4. Access to our #BestSelfChallenge Program – as a member, you get to sign up FOR FREE to our #BestSelfChallenge Program, once within a 6 month period

If you don’t know what our #BestSelfChallenge is all about, simply click through here to find out all the details and when our next challenge starts.

5. Choices – we give you some great choices – 12 month or 6 month contracts with some variables to suit your budget and your lifestyle – AND!  Take off 20% off your first 3 months when you sign up before 30 November 2019!


While you may already be enjoying our SERIOUSLY FUN FITNESS CLASSES via our Pay-As-You-Go packages, and know that we promote an inclusive environment, a judge-free zone and want you to become your #bestself, we do encourage joining as a contracted member to take advantage of big savings and the amazing extra benefits.

Keen on joining Thrive Fitness Hout Bay as a contracted member?  Sign up here.

This Hout Bay gym loves to see you thrive, so come thrive with our gym contract options!

Be sure to watch out for our other blogs where we will bring you all forms of health tips which will spur you on to greatness, goodness and your best self!

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