So, you’ve decided to set off on a fitness journey? One that will help you change those bad habits!

Well done!

This is no small feat and we commend you for taking this first step – committing to changing your lifestyle and meeting your best self is huge!

While you are all stoked and zoned to get going, from our experience at Thrive Fitness Hout Bay, it is in the first three months that many fall off the edge and lose all passion for why they started.

Going cold turkey, as it were, with a fitness regime, isn’t the smartest way, so, it’s our aim to help you through the COMPONENTS OF CHANGE and in the simplest way possible.



Like with all good things in life, you should have a plan. As the saying goes: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

Your plan should involve a few key elements:

We recommend you set your timer for three months’ on.  Having an open-ended fitness plan isn’t feasible and can become boring as well as demoralising.

Make it interesting and include a monthly theme into your workouts.  This may entail a different form of exercise every month or even every week.  Keep it surprising by trying something new at least every month. The brain can get bored very quickly, as can the muscles.  If you’re stuck for choices, check out our variety of classes.

Be sure to get a good mix of aerobics, strength, core, balance, flexibility and stretching in your workout.  Thrive Fitness offers HITT, outdoor workouts, boxing, yoga, Tabata and so many other fun classes.



For some, it is obvious why they decide to start the journey to be their best self, but it does help to narrow it down and get quite specific.


Is it to just lose weight and if so, how much, and by when?

Is it to get fitter, and again if so, what level of fitness? – are we talking IMPI Challenge fit, half-marathon fit or simply enough that you don’t run out of gas when you get to the corner?

Is it a health reason?  Did your doctor tell you that you need to move more?

Write these specific ‘WHYs” down, pin them up on your mirror, along with your specific goal timeframe, and you won’t believe how much it will help you along.



We are all creatures of habit, whether we like to admit it or not, and we can get stuck in a rut very quickly.  Especially when we find something that we enjoy and perhaps find easy.  But, there is no change without challenge!  (yes, another cliché! Forgive us – we love ‘em!)

Change your routine often – try different exercise classes – try a different trainer even – do a new form of activity every month – even something outside of the gym or your normal sport.



We are not islands and no one expects you to do this on your own. Whether it be a trainer or even a buddy, be sure to check in with them regularly.  Let them be your accountable pal, that someone who knows what you’re up to, what your goal is, and why you are doing it.  Having someone to hold you accountable will make the challenge real and you will be more likely to achieve your goal.

If you’re looking for that ‘accountable pal’, join us for the next edition of our Best Self Challenge which starts early September – AND!  We’re offering a 50% discount when you bring a buddy!

This Hout Bay gym loves to see you thrive!

Be sure to watch out for our other blogs where we will bring you all forms of health tips which will spur you on to greatness, goodness and your best self!

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