So, you’ve decided today is the day you’re going to get your best self back!  You’ve cleared a room in the house, bought a few dumbbells in various sizes, along with a yoga mat and new running shoes. You’re amped!  You’re ready! You have your training regime all set out.

20 minutes in and you’re feeling like you’re getting nowhere.

We’ve seen it many times.  And, you know what?  We commend you on taking that step towards your best self.  But, we do know that working out on your own sucks too!

Besides that you only have yourself to give high-fives to and motivate through those seemingly very long knee-high sprints, you’re not sure if you’re doing it right.

And, that is where our story begins …

Why use a Professional Trainer or gym vs. a home training setup?


First and foremost, when you take on a challenge like a healthy lifestyle routine, you need support. You need that person who gets you out of bed and who motivates you to lift that weight just one more time.  It’s no fun talking to yourself, egging yourself to “lift those legs higher” and finish that 2km run on the treadmill.

A gym membership, even just having a regular class to attend or signing up for private personal training sessions, can help you find the oomph and motivation to keep finding your best self.


While we appreciate that you can go out and buy every single type of exercise equipment under the sun and set up a decent gym at home, you will eventually find that boredom sets in.  The average person, and we say average with much respect, gets distracted and bored very quickly.  Whilst at a gym class or with a trainer, you will be presented with different exercises, new music and of course the camaraderie of your fellow exercisers.

At Thrive Fitness Hout Bay, we have many classes, from our Turf Workout (outdoor fun!), Shred Saturday (an old-school throwback to training), Tabata (high intensity mix of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off -you have to try this one!), Rejuvenate, Restore and Rebalance (a yoga, Pilates, stretch mix) and so much more.

Our personal trainers are also there to get you in the groove and be your accountable training partner.

Doing it right

We often come across people who have tried to go through a set of exercises, often by following YouTube, and hurting themselves badly.  There is a reason that our personal trainers go through a rigorous training course and actually need to qualify before they can train someone.  From a lunge to a squat, and from a bicep curl to a pull-up, one needs to know how to do those moves correctly.   The reason? First, so you get the best out of your body whilst doing them and most importantly, so you don’t injure yourself.

Don’t be a 1 hour fitness freak, who has to stop because you physically cannot continue.

Come try out Thrive Fitness’s classes, sign up for our #bestselfchallenge or enquire about our personal training packages.  Also, be sure to follow our Facebook page for when we host a talk at the end of October on the basic exercises you should be doing.

This Hout Bay gym loves to see you thrive!

Be sure to watch out for our other blogs where we will bring you all forms of health tips which will spur you on to greatness, goodness and your best self!

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