child obesity


Stats show that South Africa has one of the highest child obesity rates in the world.  Two out of every ten kids in South Africa are obese and, in most cases, it’s the parents or caregivers who are the biggest culprits.

Overeating, overfeeding, a lack of exercise and genetics are the main causes for the child obesity rate being so high.

So, what can we do about it?

If you think that your child may be overweight, don’t leave it!  Because you believe they will go through a growth spurt soon? Or somehow suck up all that fat?  We understand that you probably find it tough to keep yourself in shape, but as parents, we also need to think about our kids and their fitness levels, health and weight, because we know they won’t.

Last month, we wrote about Healthy New Year’s Resolutions that stick.  Most of our tips were around doing things together as a family.  These still apply, but to ensure your kid or teen gets enough exercise, here are a few other more focused tips.

Young folk are generally more active and on-the-go than adults.  But clearly, the stats are showing this is in a decline.  With tech becoming more relevant and integrated into our kid’s lives, they find themselves sitting, laying and often bent over in front of a screen.  While we have to appreciate this is part of the new generation, there has to still be a balance.


Simply, by ensuring they get a fair quota of movement into every 24 hours, their metabolism will quicken.  Their blood will flow better and they will burn more calories too.

We recommend finding activities that are both fun and stimulating.  At Thrive Fitness in Hout Bay, we have put together focused Kids and Teen classes, with just that in mind.  Group classes also encourage a team-connection and teach kids to work together, whether that be actual partnering up or encouraging each other.

THRIVE KIDS – classes for ages 6 – 9 and 10 – 12

Our fun and interactive sessions are specially designed to instil good habits around health, fitness and movement. Our trainers help get growing bodies moving, but not in any way that negatively affects development.

THRIVE TEENS – classes for ages 13 – 15 and 16 – 18

These sessions give teens the opportunity to get and stay fit, as well as strong and healthy while building a good fitness foundation. Trainers will constantly check and teach correct form to prevent injuries and develop a positive mindset around physical activity.

Ask about our free first class and let your little ones come try it out!


A balanced eating plan (not a diet) is vital for growing bodies and minds.  Ensure a healthy and filling breakfast before school, a finger-based easy-to-eat lunch with a nice mix of grains and fruit, and a light dinner that includes the three essentials (protein, fats and carbohydrates).


Sleep is also a key element to overall health.  While one can get away with less sleep as you age, the general rule of thumb is:


This Hout Bay gym loves to see you and your family thrive!  So, consider joining us for one of our classes and bring your child with for our focused kids and teen classes.  Don’t let child obesity take over your life – first class free!

Be sure to watch out for our other blogs where we will bring you all forms of health tips which will spur you on to greatness, goodness and your best self!

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