There is that much-used saying, “Partners that train together, stay together”.  We do love that saying and have seen it in action right here at Thrive Fitness!  However, one can get that feel-good vibe through exercise endorphins too. In fact, Thrive Fitness is all about working on your best self.

What makes you feel so good after a great exercise session?


What are endorphins?

Endorphins are hormones released within the brain and nervous system generally due to an activity or feeling.  They activate the body’s opiate receptors, causing an analgesic effect.  In a nutshell, they are a natural pain killer and feel-good hormone.

What healthy ways will release endorphins?

There are many ways to release the natural endorphins from your body – common ways are:

  1. 1. Exercise – especially group classes (we kid you not!)
  2. 2. Have Sex
  3. 3. Eat chocolate
  4. 4. Laugh
  5. 5. Listen to music
  6. 6. Eat spicy and hot foods
  7. 7. Engage with someone you like/admire


In this month of love, while Valentine’s Day is heavily commercial and most of us tend to ignore the retail encouragements to buy flowers, chocolates and go out on dates, we will all be thinking about it anyway.

Much like love can reduce stress, keep away depression and anxiety, boost self-esteem and improve your sleep habits, exercise can do the same.

And, we say, why not fall in love with yourself?

At Thrive Fitness, we are all about taking our clients to the next level.  Another cliché – how can someone love you, if you don’t love yourself? – well, we encourage self-love and what better way than to show yourself some love than by treating your body right?  Do that here at Thrive Fitness in Hout Bay through our crazy fun group classes!

So, if you’re feeling that you’re not tapping into your natural endorphins enough, come try out one of our amazing and fun group classes.  We guarantee you will feel 10 times better afterwards, start to fall in love with yourself, and be coming back for more!

Don’t forget – your first class is free!

Be sure to watch out for our other blogs where we will bring you all forms of health tips which will spur you on to greatness, goodness and your best self!

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