About our classes


Whether you choose our original indoor classes or our vigorous outdoors sessions, in 45 minutes you’ll get the full body workout you need to achieve amazing results.


Arrive 10-15 mins before the class
5 min warm-up
5 min demo
40 min workout
5 min cool-down
Don’t forget your sweat towel and water bottle

Class Schedule

Our 45-minute group indoor classes build lean muscle and burn body fat. We don’t want you getting bored, so every day has a different theme and every week a different combination. With only up to 16 people per class, you’ll always get the attention you deserve.

  • MAKE-IT-COUNT MONDAY: Start the week right with our 'you against you' signature weekly benchmark workout.
  • TABATA TUESDAY: Fun, high-intensity interval training with a difference. 20 seconds of work. 10 seconds of rest. And repeat! 
  • WORK-ON-THE-MINUTE WEDNESDAY: 16 exercises, and as many repetitions as you can do in 60 seconds for each one. This calorie guzzler keeps you busy, strong, and focused.
  • THROWDOWN THURSDAY: Jab. jab-jab! This boxing-inspired workout is great for all fitness levels. You’ll be “hooked” on our signature class in no time.
  • GET FREAKY-FRIDAY: Your weekend starts here! End the week in bit of mystery, as each round of 4 exercises culminates in a unique, secret 5th exercise to keep you on your toes. What could it be today?
  • SHRED SATURDAY: Old school training! This class focuses on more traditional exercises and is perfect for that full body-sculpting workout.
  • SHAKE-IT-UP SUNDAY: The customer is always right, right? Tell us which workout made your week and we'll work it into your Sunday session. You’re welcome.


Let's take it outside! Our unique outdoor training space offers top-notch equipment for hardened athletes. Take your training up a notch - take it to The Turf.

Tue 19 Mar

06:30 Tabata
08:30 Tabata
09:30 Tabata
13:00 Tabata
17:00 Tabata
17:00 Tabata
18:00 Tabata

Wed 20 Mar

05:30 Work-On-The-Minute
06:30 Work-On-The-Minute
08:30 Work-On-The-Minute
09:30 Work-On-The-Minute
13:00 Work-On-The-Minute
17:00 Work-On-The-Minute
17:00 Work-on-the-minute

Thu 21 Mar

08:30 Throwdown
09:30 Throwdown

Fri 22 Mar

05:30 Get Freaky
06:30 Get Freaky
08:30 Get Freaky
09:30 Get Freaky
13:00 Get Freaky
16:30 Get Freaky

Sat 23 Mar

08:00 Shred
09:00 Shred
10:00 Work-on-the-minute

Sun 24 Mar

09:00 Tabata

Mon 25 Mar

05:30 Make-It-Count
06:30 Make-It-Count
08:30 Make-It-Count
09:30 Make-It-Count
13:00 Make-It-Count
17:00 Make-It-Count
17:00 Make-It-Count
18:00 Make-It-Count

Tue 26 Mar

06:30 Tabata
08:30 Tabata
09:30 Tabata
13:00 Tabata
17:00 Tabata
17:00 Tabata
18:00 Tabata