We'll be back for some seriously fun fitness

At Thrive Fitness we are as serious about your health as we are about fitness! 

As from Saturday 21 March until Saturday 4 April our facilities will be closed for classes, however, we will continue to offer personal training at the gym. And we've launched some alternatives to keep you moving!

During this challenging time we will be offering an alternative exercise programme of online classes and daily 3-minute exercise videos!

Online live streaming classes

Keep up your training with the guidance and encouragement of one of our coaches!  We will be running two online classes each day from Monday to Thursday at 8.00am and 5.30pm and one class on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 8.00am. 

Members who wish to join the live stream will need to:

And don't worry, while you will be able to see and hear the instructor, your camera will be off and your microphone will be muted by default, so nobody will be able to see or hear you.

Daily 3-min exercise videos

Live streaming might not be for you, so we're offering daily 3-minute videos providing you with a range of exercises to keep up your strength and fitness training.  These will be sent via our social media channels and also the Thrive Whatsapp group.  Videos will be available from 7am daily.



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