Thrive (v): to grow or develop well.
To prosper and flourish.

Our goal isn’t focused on how much weight you lose or how much muscle you gain. Our goal – no! - our dream - is to help you advance and thrive, by creating a supportive and inclusive space where you meet and nurture your best self.

Our Approach - it's all about fun

Ready? OK… let’s go! Our experienced trainers lead 45-minute indoor and outdoor, as well as live-streamed classes where they create a full-body workout like no other, offering workouts from Thrive Move, Thrive Power and Thrive Flow.

Thrive is a judgment-free zone. Our down-to-earth community is made up of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels where each member works towards their own goal at a level they’re comfy with.

But don’t take our word for it, why not just...

Our Space

Picture this: four indoor pods, each fully equipped with four exercises to target your upper or lower body, core, or give you that cardio boost. Don’t worry – our trainers are always on hand to help. Want some sunshine and fresh air? Head outdoors to The Turf and try one of our outdoor classes. We are also offering online classes, so you can now train in the comfort of your own home, with our trainers live-streaming classes to you.

Want to see for yourself?

Our People - the best for you


General Manager
As well as running Thrive, for over 20 years, Ian has been passionate about helping people lead longer, more fulfilling lives through their fitness journey. He is focussed on motivating people to make the very first steps to start on this journey “from couch to class” so they can enjoy a more active, sustainable lifestyle. Ian is also committed to helping people safely rehabilitate from their injuries and get them back on the road to health and wellness. Ian’s classes are all technique driven, and he will assist you to achieve the optimum form and movement that you need to take you to your limit. Driven to make a difference to people\'s lives, Ian is committed to helping people develop a life-long commitment to fitness and healthy living: and Thrive Fitness does just that!


One of our most popular trainers, Brad has always had a love for everything health and wellness related. Brad’s training, knowledge and experience come together to provide inspiring and fun fitness experience - be it in the studio, on-line, out on the turf, or in one-on-one personal training. Brad specializes in HIIT, and really understands how to combine the right aerobic and resistance exercises to push you to your own personal limit! He is passionate about the fact that with Thrive, he gets to impact so many people\'s fitness journeys all around the world, every single day!   


With over 22 years experience in the fitness industry, Steph is a Sports Scientist with a passion for health and fitness. Always with a smile on her face, her unique blend of enthusiasm and motivational skills will keep you pushing yourself to the max! Steph loves teaching strength based classes and high intensity workouts because of the clear, noticeable results that they bring to her clients. She loves to inspire and empower people through fitness and her favourite exercise is burpees (beware!) With Steph, you are guaranteed a challenging, sweaty workout that she will gear to your specific fitness level and ability.   


Boxing Coach
Bruno \"The Major\" Mukulu is a professional MMA fighter from Congo, and heads up the Thrive Boxing Academy. Whether you want to improve your fitness levels by taking part in one of Bruno’s small group boxing sessions; if you want to improve your boxing skills and technique one-on-one, or if you simply want to learn something new: from Japanese Jiu Jitsu to karate, taekwondo, judo, and boxing, Bruno is your man!   


With over 20 years international experience in the fitness industry, Lydia delivers results-based workout experiences with both group fitness and personal training. Whether it\'s presenting to thousands of fitness enthusiasts or working on a one to one basis, Lydia’s knowledge, experience and caring attitude make her second to none! Lydia’s positive attitude, her personal commitment to your success, and her unique fun, high-octane workouts ensure that you get the results you need!  


Since qualifying in Austria in 2002, Nurit has embraced many different aspects of wellness and fitness. She is a BalletRip Ambassador, pilates teacher and Personal Trainer, but she is also very involved with the arts. Nurit has performed in many musical theatre productions globally, and fosters this passion in our community with disadvantaged kids. She understands how to make people more aware of their bodies and how to feel confident, happy and empowered. With Nurit you will work hard and will certainly reap the benefits - inside and out!  


Dance Coach
Following a successful professional dance career in Los Angeles, Diane brings her passion for dance and fitness to Thrive. Diane has danced in films, TV, and commercials with J.Lo, Peter Gabriel and the Pussycat Dolls. Her dance classes mix old school hip-hop with modern dance moves. Diane has also successfully run Dance Mouse for many years, and her kids dance classes are off the charts! Take your fitness to a new level and join Diane aka Miss Hollywood for a fun-packed exhilarating workout


Pilates Coach
Cathryn is a biokineticist who has run her own private practice for 5 years. She is passionate about sport and is driven to improve an individual\'s wellbeing and quality of life through exercise, using her expertise to rehabilitate injuries and get her clients back on the road to activity and wellness. She is an expert in pilates group classes and feels that core stability is vital for preventing injuries and helps us to perform at our best. Her well designed classes are focussed on technique and specific muscle groups and are for you if you want to improve your core stability, mobility and strength for rehabilitation or to allow you to perform other exercise more effectively.  


Yoga Coach
Part of Hout Bay’s Yoga Collective, yoga has shaped Sonja’s way of life and she has used her practice to overcome her own challenges, allowing her to live life in the present. Recently completing her teacher training with Unraveled Yoga, she is now able to live her passion! Sonja teaches all levels of vinyasa flow: the continuous movements stretch and strengthen each muscle within the body, boosting strength and flexibility. If you are looking for a more active yoga class, this one\'s for you!



Kelly Scholtz is a registered dietitian and has over 10 years of experience in nutrition. She graduated from the University of Cape Town in 2007 with a BSc in Nutrition and Dietetics and then completed a professional culinary course at the Culinary Academy of Vancouver. In parallel with her private practice in Hout Bay, Kelly has worked in product and menu development, foodservice management and nutrition programme development. She is registered with the Health Professions Council and a spokesperson for the Association for Dietetics. She creates individualised, practical eating plans, informed by current science and tailored to suit your lifestyle, routine and budget. She has a special interest in guiding her patients not only to meet their nutrition goals, but also to cultivate a positive relationship with food – one that encourages mindful and sustainable food choices.  


Zumba Coach
With Franco’s infectious humour and solid professionalism, it is impossible not to enjoy one of his Zumba classes. Famous for appearing on Expresso as “the guy in the green shorts” Franco brings his unique Zumba experience and charisma to Thrive to get you shaking your booty and give you the best dance workout there is. With over ten years of teaching experience, Franco is trained in Zumba B2, ZumbAtomic, Zumba Gold, Zumba circuit, Zumba Toning, Aqua Zumba as well as Strong by Zumba, Pound fitness, bootcamps and body conditioning. His carefully designed workouts combined with his understanding of movement and form, together with his pumping tunes will get you working up a sweat while putting a smile on your face!


Eszter is passionate about her work and loves meeting all the diverse clients at Thrive Fitness. Her professionalism and intentionally technique-driven workouts mean that you’ll really feel it after you’ve done one of Eszter’s classes! Always a warm friendly face, Eszter’s focus on specific muscle groups mean her classes give excellent and noticeable toning and conditioning results.


Online Coach
Xoli is famous for being one of the best Group Exercise instructors in South Africa. She has been in the fitness industry for 15 years, has an amazing fun attitude and builds great relationships with her clients. Xoli’s high intensity active classes focus on cardio fitness, mobility and toning specific muscle groups and will get you hot and sweaty before you even know it! Expect to work hard and see excellent results.