4 zones


Who has time to exercise? In fact, who has time to focus on all the areas of the body that require attention?

Time is so limited nowadays, that one has to even look to ways in which we can multitask our exercise routine!

Well, what if we told you there was a way?

At Thrive Fitness Hout Bay, we call it the POWER OF 4!



Our body may be one entity but we have 4 distinct zones that need to be addressed when it comes to exercise.

Whaaaat?We hear you silently shout in your head.  Now I have to divide my body up into zones – why can’t I just exercise and be done with it?

Your body is a complex vessel, for sure, but knowing just what areas you should be focusing on, will help you meet your best self sooner.

Muscular Endurance

Do you know that burn you start to feel as you push through a particular exercise? The burn that makes you want to stop, rub the offending muscle and shake it out? Well, that is where you start to build up muscular endurance. It’s important to note that muscular endurance is all about focusing on specific muscle groups. Even carrying that shopping bag laden with heavy potatoes and milk cartons from the car into the house, relies on muscle endurance.

Exercises that help you build that muscle endurance are low-weight bearing strength training workouts. Examples would be holding positions so to push the muscle to its limit or sports and moves that require your muscles to contract and release. Functional-style training, cycling, obstacle courses and high repetition strength exercises will help with this build-up.

Muscular Strength

Yes, you have to actually pick up a dumbbell and wield it. And, no, you don’t have to go very heavy.  And, no you won’t end up with Hulk-style muscles and look like he-man or he-woman. It’s important to know that you must decide how hard or easy you want to go i.e. lighter weights – heavier weights – more reps – fewer reps – faster – slower. At Thrive Fitness, our HIIT classes are perfectly crafted for this self-progression in mind.

Building muscle mass is important for everyday activities.  Such as standing up, carrying boxes, walking up stairs and many other ordinary moves.  As with muscular strength, you need to focus in on specific muscle groups and increasing the weights or load-bearing exercise will increase your muscular strength.

Cardiovascular Endurance


We breathe every day – in and out – it’s natural and we don’t even think about it. However, put someone on a treadmill or send them out to run around the block, and all of a sudden, they are very aware of their lungs. Breathing becomes an actual physical activity and many give up at this point, claiming that they cannot breathe.

Not true! Your body will never willingly stop breathing unless you have a medical issue or someone/something is physically stopping you from breathing.

When you experience that burning sensation in your chest during or after exerting yourself, it is all about how vascular fit your body is, and more importantly, your internal organs.  Your heart, your lungs, your veins and blood flow, are all hard at work during a cardiovascular session.  This may be walking, running, cycling, or any activity that requires you to breathe in and out quicker than normal.

The key to increasing your cardiovascular endurance is to gradually increase the chosen activity, starting out with short bursts and building up in 10% increments a week.


Flexibility of body refers to the allowed range of motion that you have around a particular joint in your body.  Some people are more flexible than others and specifically in particular areas of their body.

As you grow older, you will notice how your body will lose flexibility. What you could do as a child or even a young adult will become limited as the years get on.

Maintaining overall flexibility by partaking in daily stretches will help.  Yoga, Pilates, body barre and other routines, focused on dynamic stretching, will aid your body in flexibility.



At Thrive Fitness Hout Bay, we understand that the body needs focused attention, and so we have created workout classes that ease you into a regular exercise routine and cover all the zones as well.

Our mix of high and low-intensity moves within our various classes will help you along your journey on building all these zones.

If you’re not sure, take a look at our classes, choose what you like and book online.  Our fitness studio is built to cater to beginner exercisers and all the way to those who want to push their limits.

We don’t judge here and we are very aware that everyone is on their own fitness journey – all focused on getting to their best self in their own time.

Be sure to watch out for our other articles where we will bring you all forms of health tips which will spur you on to greatness, goodness and your best self!


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This Hout Bay gym wants to see you thrive!



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